Wednesday, August 3, 2016

cyberbully; it doesnt feel real, but the consequences are just as devastating


We never realized how bad we can hurt people with just words.

Like Samantha (one of the character in Cyberbully) said, "It doesn't feel real". Exactly, even on the real world itself, words doesn't represent the hurts in physical ways.

I always thought that words should be really carefully pick to speak, or even to tell the story. English itself has few unique words to explain an action but with different details (e.g laugh, giggle).

I wonder if it will be a safe environment for my child to grow, with all the technologies. It's complicated, but worse it can get out of control without you knowing it.

Please watch the movie, Cyberbully. It gives you hunch of how ugly it can turns into. so bad that even the laws are written for it. 

And no kidding, Words are as sharp as blade.

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